The Club’s mission is to promote high standards in commercial film production. We take action in this respect as we believe that this translates to real benefits for the market, with consideration of all production process stakeholders – from film crews, through producers, to creators, agencies, advertisers, and consumers. We are committed to the development and advancement of producers. We support influencing the market by our own example, with the responsible behaviour of our Club members. We believe that the best solutions are always best elaborated through dialogue, with respect for other market participants.


The Advertising Producers Club operates on the basis of the KPR Code, which is binding for all member studios. The Code formulates values which drive the associated studios, defining the general objectives of the organisation, as well as regulating formal aspects related to its functioning. The highest authority of the Club is the General Assembly of all members. Responsible for the implementation of current Club strategy is the Management Board, comprising of three representatives of member studios and the Club Director, who does not directly represent any of the studios nor is formally related to any of them. Such a structure allows to maintain the impartiality of the organisation and of all its activities.


The Advertising Producers Club is a section of the SAR Marketing Communication Association (SKM SAR), which brings together companies dealing with professional marketing communication.



The Advertising Producers Club is a member of the Commercial Film Producers of Europe, a federation bringing together European commercial film producers trade organisations.



If you share the values represented by the Club and meet the membership criteria, you are welcome to join us. If you would like to become a member but do not meet the criteria – let us know and together we can look into how we can support you for you to reach the criteria required by the Club. Detailed membership criteria and the admittance procedure for new members can be found in the KPR Code.


The Management Board of the Club consists of four people – three representatives of member studios and a Club Director. The term of office of the Board is for a period of two years, with the possibility of re-election. The currently appointed members of the Management Board include:

Julian Dworak – KPR Director

Jacek Kulczycki – KPR Board Member, OTO Film

Kacper Sawicki – KPR Board Member, Papaya Films

Maciej Maciantowicz – KPR Board Member, Dynamo Film