Presented here is the report discussing results of the producers’ activity survey for January – December of the past year – in comparison to those of previous years. The basic study objective is the delivery of data for credible analyses relating to the commercial production market in Poland, whereas the objective of the report is the analysis of this data and indication of trends in film production as appearing on the market of marketing communication.


This year’s survey covered three aspects: the scale of production activity, the effectiveness of production purchase and process methods, as well as cooperation models between producers and directors, as contributors of creative input decisive of the final form of the film.


As every year, the survey encompassed all studios associated by KPR and a range of independent studios. Participating this year were 19 production houses, providing anonymous numeric data relating to 2943 tenders and 1001 executed productions. Such a database enables a credible analysis of trends relating to the entire commercial production sector.

Download the report: Badanie Producentów 2020